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Not only does Local 24 represent the Outside Iron Workers we also are proud to represent the Shop Iron Workers who are employed by Zimmerman Metals. Zimmerman Metals are a combined group of four distinct business units. Each business operates on its own, but shares resources, work and knowledge with the others. They include Structural Steel, Processing, Machining and Roll Forming.

Zimmerman Metals is a privately owned 3rd generation family business currently owned by Mark Zimmerman. The founder, William George Zimmerman (Bill) was born in Bammental, Germany. In 1923 at the age of 18, Bill completed a four year apprenticeship in ornamental metals. At that time, Germany was experiencing enormous inflation. With old-world training and visions of a better life, Bill immigrated to the United States.

Bill's first job in the United States was as a mechanic (ironworker) at August Friedrich's Ornamental Shop in Denver. He moved up the ranks to eventually become the shop supervisor. In 1936, in the middle of the Great Depression, Bill started his own company in a garage. The company quickly grew, so Bill built and moved into a new building at 2800 Speer Boulevard in Denver. By 1952, Bill was able to purchase about half of the land at Zimmerman Metals' present location which is located at 201 East 58th Avenue in Denver. In 1956, the first part of today's plant was constructed. Bill continued to work at the company into the 1970's. 

Zimmerman Metals is a team of 100 people which include 69 Local 24 members.  Their facility is located on 10 acres of land in a 150,000 square foot shop to include a 25,000 square foot machine shop. Zimmerman Metals is a full service fabrication company. They provide a complete steel package: from embeds that are needed right away to site rails needed for a certificate of occupancy. The range of jobs they specialize in varies from 25,000 square feet up to several million square feet, and 100 Tons up to 10,000 Tons.


Suite 401
1750 New York Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006-5301
(202) 383-4874

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