Structural IW / Wind Turbine

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The Structural IW, Wind Turbine crew performs all work associated in the construction and assembly of the Wind Turbine.   On site work starts with the unloading and assembly of cranes, arrival and off-loading of all materials and equipment related to the Wind Turbine.   This includes but is not limited to; Tower sections, nacelles, rotor hub, blades, DTA(down tower assembly) controller, stairs/platforms - This may occur either in an assembly yard or at an individual tower site.

Crew will prepare tower base; set anchor rod elevations- install shim packs or elevation nuts, installation of DTA controller; mid sections; any necessary grouting, setting base and tension anchor rods.  Preparation and assembly of generator nacelles- deliver/unload at individual tower sites.  Assembly of rotor hub/blades, Setting tower upper section, nacelle and rotor assembly.  Installation of all access platforms to include stairs; and or  elevator if equipped.  Cleaning of entire WT assembly, disassembly and ship out of  cranes and other equipment.  This crew will perform all staging, rigging, connecting and final assembly for a complete structure.

The Structural IW - Wind Turbin crew will also perform both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair of wind turbins.  Work will including but not be limited to; Doing a major overhaul of the turbine, e.g. by replacing the rotor blades, gearboxes or generators. Check torque on tower anchors, check grounding cables and tighten. Check block and tackle gear. Furling the turbine . Check security of clevis and hitches and wire rope loop, check guy wires, thimbles and wire clips for integrity, check torque on tower bolts, check front bearing seal integrity (look for grease loss), check torque on blade attachment bolts, check for cracks on blades, check torque on turbine mainframe bolts, check rear alternator bearing for seal integrity and grease loss, etc.