Structural IW - Pre-cast / Tilt Up

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The Structural Ironworker, Precast / Tilt-up crew is responsible for all on-site off-loading, loading, transporting, rigging, placement and securing of pre-cast concrete panels and cast on site tilt-up concrete panels..

Precast is a form of construction, where concrete is cast in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. This includes "precast stone", and "double-wall" precast sandwich panels.  Precast concrete panels are used on most every type of building and structure, including but not limited to: Highway and Pedestrian overpasses, Warehouses, Office complexes, Multi-family residences, Townhouses, Condominiums, Apartments, Hotels/Motels, Dormitories/Schools, etc. Tilt-up panels, including door and window openings, are cast in forms at the job site on the floor slab and tilted into position.

Work includes but is not limited to the layout and placement of weld clips (where required), rigging and erection of the panels for alignment and placement to the building's structure, where it will be bolted or welded in place to steel clips, shims and bracing. Also includes the, the layout and installation of the steel clips, attachment of any framing to the "wall" for horizontal and vertical attachment and alignment and the installation of any fixed windows, pre-glazed louvers, etc. are installed.   This is a brief description of the work process and is not intended to be all inclusive, as work items will vary with each manufacturer and type of panel wall.

Personal Hand tools:  include but are not limited to, spud wrenches, adjustable crescent, sleever bar, bull pin, beater, rule, bolt bag, welding hood, goggles and personal protection equipment.