Structural IW / Prefab Building

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This crew performs all off-loading, transporting and assembly at the site; of  prefabricated (pre-engineered) metal buildings according to manufactures specifications and design, using hand tools, power tools, and hoisting equipment. Performs all rigging necessary to erect structural steel frame (including composite materials) of building, using hoists or other lifting devises. Bolts and/or screws steel frame members and exterior sheeting of all gauges and sizes together. Attaches all cabling wire or cross bracing and insulating materials to structural framework.  Bolts, welds and/or screws sheet metal panels to framework, as required by manufacturer. Determines location of and installation of items, including but not limited to doors, windows, louvers, ventilators, skylights, and gutters.  May use cutting torch, wrenches, power drill, and welding machines. Trims excess sheet metal, using cutting torch, power saw, and tin snips.

Personal hand tools include:  rivet gun, squares, spud wrenches, sleever bars, sledge hammers, duckbill clamps, alligator clamps, razor knifes and scrapers, power screw guns, power drills, saws a'ls, power hand tools, stapleguns, and welding hood and goggles.