Structural IW / Metal Siding

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This crew is engaged in steel metal siding erection including composite materials, such as metal foam panels, of all gauges and sizes etc. When attach to and is a part of the structural frame of steel, iron, wood or other composites.  Structures where steel siding erection may occur include but are not limited to the following: Single and multi-story buildings; systems-engineered metal buildings, storage facilities; auditoriums; malls; including metal roofs, industrial structures, warehouses, hi-bay structures, canopies, interior fire beaks (walls), etc.

Siding erection activities include but are not limited to all off-loading and loading, transporting, and moving at the work site, hoisting, laying out, placing, connecting, welding, burning, guying, bracing, bolting, plumbing and rigging, inclusively and includes metal roof decking. The following activities are also performed, when they occur during and are a part of the steel siding erection activities, placing, connecting, guying, bracing, dismantling, burning, welding, bolting, grinding, sealing, caulking, and all related activities for the installation, construction, alteration and/or repair of materials and assemblies of metal siding and roof decking including composite materials; and related bracing and assemblies; anchoring devices; structural cabling; cable stays, and includes installation of items, (including but not limited to) such as doors, windows, louvers, ventilators, skylights, and gutters.

Personal hand tool include: rivet gun, squares, spud wrenches, sleever bars, sledge hammers, duckbill clamps, alligator clamps, razor knifes and scrapers, power screw guns, power drills, saws a'ls, power hand tools, stapleguns, and welding hood and goggles.