Structural IW / Fencing & Bridgrail

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This crew perform all the off loading, moving and transporting at the site of work of all metal fencing and bridge rail and related materials, composed of steel (coated and uncoated), aluminum (coated and uncoated), brass, copper, bronze, lead, and composite materials, etc. necessary to construct protective fencing around projects, (excluding highway right of ways), including all bridge rail and pedestrian overpasses, over water and roadways, industrial establishments, etc.  Lays out fence line, locates post holes locations where necessary using tape measures, levels lazar levels, GPS and/or Total Station instrumentation. Sets metal post in upright position in posthole. Aligns posts, using line and verifies vertical and lateral alignment of posts with plumb bob or level. Attaches, stretches and secures all fence-rail support to post, metal tubing, angle iron as necessary, and installs rail supports. Completes top fence rail of metal fence. Attaches rails or tension wire along bottoms of posts to form fencing frame. Stretches wire, (including security razor wire) wire mesh, or chain link fencing between posts and secures fencing to frame. Assembles gate(s) and fastens it in position, using hand tools, saws, may weld metal parts together, using portable gas or electric ark welding equipment.