Structural IW / Conveyor-Mechanical

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The Structural Ironworker crew, involved in the conveyor and mechanical crew, is responsible for the installation of conveyors, robotic and mechanical systems both in new construction, retrofitting, maintenance and repair of existing systems.  These include but are not limited to conveyor systems for transporting of all materials such as, baggage, baggage claim carousels, trash, bottling plants in factories, warehouses, power houses, etc., including all equipment and any component systems, to transport including but not limited to coal, block, brick, gravel, sand, concrete and related mined, processed or manufactured materials and products.

Work includes, all on site off-loading, loading, transporting and moving of all materials and equipment.  Performs all per-assembly (where required) and installation of conveyor beds, queues, diverts, belts, chain drives, supporting iron, including sag rods where required.  Where a high level of precision is required, devices such as lasers and ultrasonic measuring and alignment tools are used, including various hand and power tools, such as cutting torches, welding machines, torque wrenches, stud tensioners, spud wrenches, hammers, etc.