Structural IW/ Bar Joist

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The Bridging and Bar-Joist crew is responsible for the on-site loading and off-loading, moving, transporting and installation of all Bar-Joist and Bridging.  The structural component (joist) are installed over open bays between main load bearing structural members, upon which decking, flooring or roofing will be later installed.   A Joist Girder is where joists are located at all panel points where vertical webs and diagonal webs intersect. A joist may be anchored, bolted, clipped, or welded in place.  Bridging is the means of stabilizing the joist by use of diagonal or lateral bracing of angle iron or cold roll steel. It my be bolted or welded to a steel joist or joists.

Personal Hand tools include: spud wrenches. adjustable crescent, sleever bar, bull pin, beater, belt, rule, bold bag, measuring tape, weld hood, goggles, etc.