Training Facilities

Colorado and Kansas offer state of the art training facilities and Apprenticeship and Journeyman Upgrade programs.

Benefit Trust Fund

These benefits have long included a health plan, a defined contribution and defined benefits pension plan

Welcome to Iron Workers Local 24

Topping Out The Rockies

For over one hundred years, Colorado and Kansas Ironworkers have been building the West, bolt by bolt, beam by beam. Each day, our hard working men and women enjoy the unique pride they feel when looking at a skyline they helped to create, or a building they helped to build.

A way of life Unlike most American professions, our members enjoy an unusually high quality of life. Camaraderie and close friendships are a hallmark of how members of our union relate to one another. They are brothers and sisters, considering mutual well being a shared responsibility. New apprentices enjoy special bonds with the experienced ironworkers who are mentors and teachers in the early days of their careers. While most Americans spend their days in stuffy offices or stressful retail environments, our ironworkers are high in the sky with the sun shining on their faces and the wind blowing through their hair.


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