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CompuSys of Utah administers the Ironworkers Intermountain Health & Welfare Trust Fund.

You can view you accounts by logging into Zenith’s web-site:

If you are a first-time computer user, novice Internet user, or you would just like some help logging in to you account, you can contact the Plan Office at 888-867-9510 for assistance.

Just follow the steps listed below to get started.

Log In to the Site

To log in to the site, you will need to enter your Username and Password. If you’ve logged in before and have forgotten your Username or Password, click on “Forgot your username or password?” to set a new Username and Password.

First Time Using the Online System?

If you have never used the system before:

Before you get started you will need to have your “Cigna” card available. 

On the menu bar on the right side of the page, select “My Benny”.

On the My Benny page in the box under “login”; “First time Using MYBenny?” select “Please Register” 

You will need to provide your “Member ID”; “Card Number” and “Zip Code”

To protect the confidentiality of your personal information, you will be asked to change your Password the first time you log in to the site.